Senior Data Scientist

Ablr is on a mission to build honest financial products that enable and improve the lives of people. We provide ethical instalment plans through the hyper-personalised dynamic pricing of credit. Using deep learning and data sets captured through every transaction, our credit engine is able to assist and determine credit decisions which result in a significantly higher performance rate.

Founded in 2020 we are now operating in both Singapore and Malaysia, and are backed by one of the largest conglomerates in the region. We are certified members of the Singapore Fintech Association and the Fintech Association of Malaysia, and we are looking for awesome, talented individuals to join the team and help us deliver more value to our customers!

The Opportunity

Credit evaluation represents a core part of our business, and we are constantly looking to optimise our model and to reduce fraud by utilising a data-driven approach. We are looking for an experienced data scientist that will be responsible for managing our proprietary credit-decisioning engine, building data models to guide our business decisions, and to be part of many other upcoming exciting projects. You will be joining our growing team of talented engineers, designers and business developers, and working closely with our customers, partners and stakeholders to bring innovative, high-quality solutions to better serve our customers on the Ablr platform.

As a Senior Data Scientist at Ablr you will:

•     Take ownership of our proprietary credit-decisioning engine, and make technical decisions such as model selection or technical implementation

•     Design and develop production-ready ML solutions across multiple regions, which includes tasks such as data collection, data analysis, refining and creating new data models, validating and monitoring performance

•     Lead the data science team to develop new ML-based products that support business growth

•     Conduct research on state-of-the-art algorithms and challenges

We're looking for a Senior Data Scientist who has:

•     3-5 years of experience in a data science/machine learning role

•     Degree in Computer Science or any related competencies

•     Experience with popular ML frameworks and libraries

•     Up-to-date knowledge on the latest ML technologies and their pros/cons

•     Experience with cloud deployments on platforms like AWS or GCP

•     Strong problem-solving skills, especially with regards to products

•     Strong written and verbal skills, ideally with leadership experience

Please note that visa sponsorship is not available for this position.‍

Education & Experience

We hold the view that experience and formal education, while beneficial, may not necessarily be the only indicators of a good candidate. The ability for our team members to learn and demonstrate a strong practicing knowledge and expertise of the frameworks and technologies relevant to Ablr’s applications is more important.

As such, a demonstration of substantial industry experience to exemplify competency will suffice. A degree or diploma is NOT a requirement.

Ablr Culture

At Ablr, we run agile teams where we trust each team member to be self-organising and self-driven. 

We place a high value on people who:

•     Are passionate about their work and are fun to work with

•     Behave in a way that encourages cooperation, participation, timeliness, reliability, truthfulness and integrity

•     Constantly shows initiative in improving the processes, culture and future of Ablr

•     Takes pride and ownership in day-to-day work and the long-term mission of Ablr