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Buy now. Pay over time.

Buy with Ablr - and pay off your purchases in easy, fixed monthly payments, with no late fees and no surprises.

Fast and Simple

Payment is easy at any store that accepts Ablr. Just choose Ablr as the payment mode and select your own payment terms.

No Hidden Costs

Simple payment plans. No catch, no late fee, no late interest. You'll never pay more than what you see up front.

Safe and Secure

Security is our priority. Ablr is carefully designed to prevent unauthorised use, and to protect your data and privacy.

Trusted by partners across Asia

Hundreds of Happy Customers
Over 200+ Testimonials

“I realised this business is set up to serve a very meaningful purpose to the community.. Genuine, legit, warmth and helpful. Amazing guys! Everything is transparent and explanation is thorough."
Faree F.
Apple Product
“Super easy and fast for me.. and no hidden cost or anything. thank you for making it easier!!”
Syanur A.
Huawei Product
“I am thankful that this service is available for people without the credit cards.”
Suzanna J.
Dyson Product
“Cheaper than Courts or Harvey norman in terms of installment wise. Go on support them.”
Azharudin S.
Oppo Product
“The good people from ABLR are definitely pleasant and easy to deal with. Transaction was silky smooth, even though I'm a second-time buyer with them. Easy going and friendly folks too. Highly recommended. 👍💯”
Ari T.
Apple Product
They are more legit than the banks!... It was so fast and efficient and I was so delighted with the service.”
Nadli S.
Oppo Product

Commonly Asked Questions

Who is eligible to use Ablr?

To create an Ablr account, you have to be a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident who is at least 18 years old. We are working hard to make this available to more people in the region over time so stay tuned!

How do I sign up for Ablr?

To use Ablr, you may sign up at ablr.com/signup or simply download the free Ablr app from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). Follow the easy sign up steps to create your account in minutes!

What information is required for me to open an account?

We just need to do a simple verification on your identity to protect your account from unauthorised use.

Where can I use Ablr?

We partner with many of your favourite brands to enable you to pay over time. If we are not with them yet, please drop us a DM at info@ablr.com, and we will prioritise making Ablr available to you at those stores or websites!

How do I make payments for my purchases?

Your repayments will be automatically debited from your payment method so you will never forget or miss any!

What happens if I am late on my payment?

Unlike credit cards or other service providers, we do not charge any late fees or interest, ever. We will also send you emails and text reminders before each upcoming payments. However, late payments will hurt your creditworthiness and your chances of making another purchase with Ablr.